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CRITERIA FOR COUNCIL SELECTION: Good O'level grades. Good attendance in A'level. Academic performance in A'level. Discipline. Teachers' recommendations.  Student Council's recommendations. Conduct within school. Appearance. YOU ARE AUTOMATCALLY DISQUALIFIED IF...


Enthusiastic and hopeful students of LACAS form clubs they believe in and which are for the betterment of the society they live in. The Animal Rights and Environmental societies aim to promote awareness about these issues and to stand up for those living things who are unable to do it for...


In LACAS there are three main houses: Sir Syed Iqbal Jinnah. At the end of each year, the house with the most points recieves the Annual House Cup. The categories considered when  awarding house points include: ACADEMICS Percentage of As scored in the December and June...

College Counselling

A guide to applying to college, SAT, A level past papers etc.

Dress Code

Know what the school allows you to wear on ordinary days and special school events! UNIFORM (SUMMER) GIRLS: Plain White Shalwar Qameez with half or full sleeves (no patterns, embroidery or chikan) Shirt should be knee length White dupatta with Red trim Flat Black Shoes or...


22/07/2009 02:18


From August 2009 LACAS will be introducing AS Level qualifications to the incoming A-Level students. The AS will enable students to sit for half the A-Level course content in the first year and the other half at the end of the second year. Students will thereby secure a full A-Level in two years through a staged assessment route.


AS Level will:

  • encourage students to have a serious approach towards there academics from the very start of the A-Level programme;
  • reduce the burden on students as they will have the benefit of staged examinations;
  • provide students the opportunity to sit the entire A-Level at the end of two years if they do not achieve a good grade in the AS Level examination ;
  • allow students to take a greater number of subjects at AS Level of which they need pursue only three or four in A2 to secure the complete A Level. This will make student applications to universities more competitive as they will have had exposure to a larger number of subjects;
  • provide students with an internationally recognized qualification at the end of the first year of A-Level;
  • greatly assist students in their admission process to universities for undergraduate studies.